We only know of this MIRACLE CURE FOR DOGS as our 10 year old Japanese Chin/Shih Tzu was dying with Lyme Disease. Antibiotics were not working and after 4 weeks of antibiotic therapy we knew we were going to lose him. It was also his 3rd time with Lyme Disease. I gave "Fatso" his first dose of Go Away Lyme for Dogs and noticed a HUGE difference the next day after only 1 dose!! He is out roaming the neighborhood once again :) Go Away Lyme not only KILLS the Tick Born Diseases but really, really h
ADOPTED!!! Meet Hugo he is the tallest of his litter mates and is the darkest tan. He is a Chihuahua mix but best guess dad was a boxer mix because this little boy does not take after his momma at all! He is already figuring out stairs (at least going up) and is learning some potty training. Hugo barks at the back door to let you know he wants out. He is a little shadow to everyone but definitely knows when he wants to play and wrestle around. causeforpawsohio.com #pottytraining #potty #training